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United Kingdom
We are best friends who decided to make a cosplay group, we cosplay for fun ^_^ So our cosplay's probably won't be perfect lol, but we have a laugh and that's all that matters :D

We have added a new member so there are three of us once again :3


Name: Marshall
Cosplays: L, Naruto, Tamaki, Mikami, Near. Matt, Kaoru, Mustang, Yuuri, Eiri Yuki, Edward Elric, Hikaru, Marshall Lee, Rin Okumura, Kaito e.t.c.
Gender: --------
Age: ---
Sexual orientation: Lucy-sexual :giggle:
The technical leader of our cosplay group, as they tends to do most of (if not all) the work. they're very kind and generous. :D You'll definitely love them! :B

Name: Sam
Cosplays: Beyond Birthday, Misa, Mitsu (Naruto OC), Hikaru, Mello, Snow White, Nyu, Nekozawa, Ariel, Angel(OC).
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Sexual orientation: Straight
The insanely cute member of our group, if you don't think she's cute then you should get glasses >.< She's friendly and cheerful, and basically the most awesomest person you'll ever meet :D
Tumblr: xhappyshiniesaregoodx.tumblr.c…

Name: Lucy
Cosplays: Haruhi, Honey, Edward Elric, Winry, Hatpin(OC) Light, Wolfram, Yuki Cross, Kyouya, Mello, Len Kagamine, Link, Shuichi, Fionna, Gumball, Shiemi e.t.c.
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Sexual Orientation: Unicorns XD
The newest (also the shortest ;))member of our derp group XD The audacious commoner herself (property of the host king).

Former Member:

Name: Paul
Cosplays: Light, Sasuke, Kakashi, Kaoru.
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexual orientation: Straight
Also known as Paulie, the youngest member although you probably wouldn't believe it as he is the tallest and looks the oldest, probably also the funniest guy you'll ever meet and he has a nice ass (Property of SuperGalSam)

- - - - -

We hope you like our photos :D We also have a youtube channel -->>…

Awesome people you should check out ;)


Current Residence: HQ
Favourite genre of music: rock, metal, heavy, punk, alternative, jrock e.t.c.
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to pick ^^'
IdiotsInWigs on facebook -->…
Hi guys~!!

Just realized that I haven't uploaded the Comic Con photos from's really bad DX I'm not going to upload all of them as we did take quite a few ^^; they are all on our fb page but yeah I'm just going to pick a few to upload here.

I'm really sorry once again for the lack of activity, we always forget about dA :(

So yeah slight spam coming your way~



:iconstoppableunforce: :iconhellfreezesoverwhen: :iconcoffee-13: :iconsora1992: :iconkyo-xd: :icon1amcosplay: :iconkellyjane: :iconramenraverspro: :iconpixie-alchemist: :icondontblamethemurderer: :iconsweetfreak4eva: :iconstevie0-0: :icongermancosplay: :iconrandom-is-life: :iconemcentric: :iconwammytardz: :icona-million-mogis: :iconsupergalsam: :iconslycrazy:


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kuuhu Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2016
oh my gosh we met you at the London comic con in October before we knew any cosplayers and now it's a complete honour !! ;; v ;; I'm also rudedevin on Instagram, and we spoke to you once (??) q 7q all three of you are such lovely people !!! <33
ihazacat Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
you guys are to cute for me @.@
Sunnyeye Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Professional Artist
I love UR YT vids!Der is funny (I'm sick O^O)
IdiotsInWigs Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Thank you so much :D I hope you get better soon D:
Sunnyeye Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Professional Artist
IdiotsInWigs Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
well that's good :D i was not aware of that ^^;
(1 Reply)
PWheartgal Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014   General Artist
OMG I found you! Ive seen your vids on yourtube! Yay! you guys are awesome!!:D
IdiotsInWigs Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Thank you so much ^//^
PWheartgal Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014   General Artist
No problem!! ^0^
Owlydelight Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
I love you guys so much, you have inspired me a lot and cheer me up on the worst days. <33 thank you for being amazing 
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